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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cells

Stem Cells are cells within the body which are capable of multiplying and dividing into different tissue types. We have varying numbers of different types of Stem Cell within different tissues in our bodies, such as bone marrow and fat. Mesenchymal Stem Cell are the type that can differentiate into tissues such as bone, tendon and muscle. These cells can be harvested from your own body, but this can be very painful. Further, the number of cells actually present in our aging tissues can be quite variable. Therefore, we prefer another source….

Amniotic Membrane,is a human tissue which consistentlycontains high numbers of mesenchymalstem cells. In addition, this tissue possesses properties which are extremely anti inflammatory, anti infective, and non immunogenic. They result in the replacement of normal tissue as opposed to scar tissue.


Stem Cells

Amniotic Membrane Transplant tissue is collected from donor mother’s placentas at the time of c-section deliveries. The mothers have been thoroughly screened for infectious disease. The Stem Cell and Stem Cell products (chemical messengers, proteins and scaffolding for healing) are then separated out of the placentas, processed and preserved. This material may then be injected into sites of chronic tissue damage, where it stimulates the recipient’s body to heal those damaged tissues.

Amniotic Membrane Allografts are available in two forms, each offering slightly different benefits over the other.

  1. AmnioFix- Amniotic Membrane is carefully handled to remove the beneficial ingredients which are then “Purion” processed, dried, sterilized and micronized. These tiny particles arrive in our office in powder form, where they are mixed with sterile saline to create an injectable solution just before injection. Amniofix is sterile and therefore free of any concern for disease transmission. However, there are no live Stem Cell in this material – only the Stem Cell products such as growth factors and extracellular matrix which greatly accelerate, stimulate and assist your own body to heal itself. This treatment is also less expensive than live stem cell therapy

Stem cell and PRP Therapy

  1. BioDFactor – is Amniotic Membrane which is derived from human placental tissues/Amniotic Fluidat the time ofc-section delivery. The material is then cryopreserved. This product contains growth factors, collagen and other structural components and may contain live mesenchymal Stem Cell. The material is not sterilized. The mothers are pre-screened for any infectious diseases and the tissue is tested before leaving the laboratory. Therefore the risk for disease is minimal. Working together, the Stem Cell and Stem Cell products in BioDFactor accelerate you r bodies healing potential exponentially in order to repair damaged tissues.

Stem Cells

The results with these grafts have been amazing. Active adults with painful, chronic degenerated conditions have seen major improvements within days after one injection. Different than cortisone, which provides temporary relief of inflammation but can be detrimental to healing,



**While they offer a wonderful solution for many patients, Please Note That Stem Cell, Amniotic Membrane Treatment and/or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) are not the best treatment option for everyone or every condition!

Therefore, it is extremely important that you are under the care of a physician who is thoroughly trained in and offers all forms of treatment for your condition! At Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists, we are Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeons who are trained and experienced in all forms of conservative treatment as well, including Regenerative Medicine, so that we can provide the best option for the individual.


If you visit a “Stem Cell Institute” you will receive biased advise towards Stem Cell or PRP treatment because that is all they offer! It may not be your best option.




Dr. Kyle Kinmon,

I would like to thank Dr. Kinmon and his staff for the extreme care and compassion in my recovery of my Achilles Tendon tear. As a tennis pro whom is required to use my feet in my profession as the tools to my trade, I am relieved that no surgery was needed and my recovery developed in a short length of time. I would also like to complement his staff for a friendly atmosphere that certainly made me feel relaxed and well cared for. The new AmnioFix Stem Cell shot I received is certainly a miracle and obtained great results in just a few days. Dr. Kinmon’s office has cutting edge technology and the diagnosis and treatment plan was spot on. I would recommend anyone with foot and ankle problems to see Dr. Kinmon.

Best Regards,

Todd Roth, Florida


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